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Bethy scallops

Rates for Scalloping Charters

1-6 people $450

Dock Departure

Between 8:00 and 9 am

Maximum Capacity

6 passengers

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Who cleans my scallop catch?

Fin Action Charters will clean your scallops for you - we charge $20 per 5 gallon bucket. Any local restaurant will prepare your catch for dinner. Grilled, broiled, fried, sautéed—combined with herbs, garlic, butter, white wine—your imagination can run wild with the possibilities of creating a delectable meal.


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New at scalloping? Capt. Nita shows you how, side-by-side with you in the water, until you’re comfortable and confident to sight and scoop up scallops on your own! It’s amazing how quickly you become accustomed to the equipment. The sea life is amazing, and the underwater search for the scallops is a true delight! Bring an underwater camera to take pictures. If you’ve scalloped before, you know the joy of the hunt, as well as the beauty to be enjoyed under the water’s surface.


  • scallop trips last about 5 hours
  • water temperature is around 80 to 90 degrees
  • we leave the dock at approximately 9 am, for better sunlight to see the scallops
  • scallop season is normally July 1 - September 5, in some years it is opened early (early opening scallop limits are half - June 15 - 30) 
  • limits: 2 gallons per person, 10 gallons per boat maximum (we must have 5 people on the boat to be able to keep 10 gallons) July 1 - September 24 (Crystal River scallop season runs until September 24, so we move the boat down there after Steinhatchee season closes September 5).
  • Once you bring your scallops to the boat, the scallops often chatter and spew water, as if in protest. But once you’ve tasted the sweet meat of the scallop (some folks eat them raw on the boat!), you’ll understand why scalloping is a popular sport in Steinhatchee.

fin action charters, steinhatchee fl charters, florida fishing, boating, scalloping trips, steinhatchee river guidesCapt. Nita provides for you:

  • boat, fuel, ice
  • 6' x 6' T-top for shade
  • bottled water
  • 3-step ladder for getting in/out of the boat
  • fishing license
  • safety gear
  • scallop collection bags
  • mask and snorkel to fit most common face sizes
  • we have some fins, but they may not fit all sizes

What you need to bring:

  • weather-appropriate clothing
  • rash guard or t-shirt while snorkeling (to avoid sunburn)
  • hat, cap or head cover
  • sunglasses (polarized lens enhance the view!)
  • sunscreen (30 SPF+ is recommended)
  • food, beverage
  • fins or water shoes
  • camera (waterproof is ideal)
  • towel



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Payment is due at trip’s end. Cash, credit card, traveler’s check, money order, please. Personal or corporate checks also accepted for payment.

Gratuities for captains are not included in the fees, yet are very much appreciated.